Here are 5 Free Online Financial Courses You Can Enroll in

Here are 5 Free Online Financial Courses You Can Enroll in
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Making the decision to enroll in some free online financial courses is a fantastic first step to take in the direction of making a positive transformation in your career. Due to the lack of an understanding of how to manage finances, it does not matter how much money you possess; you will still struggle to spend it appropriately. Therefore, you will find a list of different classes that you can attend below.

1.  Practical Lessons on Personal Finance

Hosted by Alison; financial planning, money management, investment, and course assessment are all part of this class. They explain the importance of being financially responsible and give advice on how to find a position that will allow you to pursue your dreams. After that, you will learn about some tried-and-true financial tactics and how to save money while cutting costs.

Debit and credit are the next topics covered in the course. Before laying out insurance planning concepts, they illustrate how to spend money intelligently and why this is vital. It examines numerous investment vehicles and explains the fundamentals of investing in order to help you select the best path toward your financial goals.

2.  Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision Making

Do you want to learn how to make sound financial decisions and increase your knowledge of the subject? An introduction to the world of finance will be provided in this course, which will cover a wide range of topics relevant to your daily life.

As you progress through the material, you will gain a deeper understanding of how finance may be used in various contexts. The course uses real-world examples to help you comprehend and analyze the many personal and professional decisions you face daily.

During this insightful class, you will understand and appreciate the financial world in all its beauty and strength; acquaint yourself with money fundamentals and learn how to use them in personal and professional situations; and learn numerous decision-making frameworks.

This free online financial course includes learning how to make wise financial decisions for your personal and professional life. Make daily decisions based on understanding the Time Value of Money (TVM) and using TVM tools and frameworks.

3.  Financial Planning for Young Adults

As a young adult, you will benefit greatly from what you learn here. There are eight individual modules spread out over a four-week period. This free session teaches students how to set financial goals, save and invest, create a budget, manage financial risk, and borrow also use credit responsibly.

Since financial planning is such a personal topic, you will be encouraged to identify your own financial goals and objectives while they explore topics and provide tools that you can use to help you achieve them.

Video vignettes introducing financial issues for debate among participants are interspersed with typical lecture-style videos in every module. In each plot, the author offers a real-world scenario in which financial planning concepts might be used.

When presented with a similar issue in the future, you will have to apply your critical thinking skills to each scenario. Finally, there is a substantial amount of content in the course devoted to exploring options for a career in financial planning.

4.  Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

This short course covers all of the essentials of a full semester of MBA finance material, but it does so more intuitively and at a very high conceptual level. This free online financial course aims to show you how financial professionals think about and make judgments.

Investing, growth, dividends, and fiscal discipline will all be discussed in this session. Each instrument and quantitative analysis will be discussed in detail in this course, which is designed to help participants better grasp the seemingly complex decisions that finance professionals make.

5.  A Free Online Financial Course: Risk & Return

Risk can be quantified; an asset’s expected return can be estimated based on its risk; a firm’s equity and debt risk can be adjusted as it alters its capital structure; and the weighted average cost of capital can be calculated in Risk & Return.

Aside from learning about risk, you will also learn how to compute expected returns using this risk measure. A firm’s capital structure can also affect its equity and debt riskiness. As you progress through the program, you will gain practical experience building Excel models for valuing businesses.

With a plethora of free online financial courses that are available, you can learn about the economic world. Having a broad range of knowledge can help us lead a more prosperous life. As a result, don’t be pleased with a single course; instead, enroll in a few more to broaden your scope of knowledge in this area.










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